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Water Damage Losses Auckland

water damage Auckland services

Flood Types and Sources – Water damage and losses fall into three categories. Indeed, determining these categories is the key. This will make sure you introduce the proper drying techniques. Also, it designates what can and can not be restored.

Water Damage Disaster Recovery Insurance Representatives

Over the years, Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Drying Auckland Services is proud to have become a valuable resource for insurance carriers, adjusters, brokers, and agents. Of course, extensive expertise in the mitigation process has saved millions of dollars in claims.

Thus, whether it’s a building fire or flood, metal racking, tools and dies, or machinery, give Steam n Dry Flood Drying Auckland Services a call. Because there’s no charge to find out if we can help, you might save the company insurance. Therefore, if you’re an insurance professional looking for disaster recovery help for your clients, contact us today!

Water Damage: Capable And Affordable Dehumidifier For Hire

If your property has been flooded with water damage, you’ll want to dry out your home and its contents quickly! Of course, this dehumidifier for-hire Auckland service gives you an easy way to rent various affordable drying equipment. With our 35 years of experience, we know what advice you’ll need to get the most out of using these tools. Indeed, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality modern dehumidifiers and air movers at a fair price.

Flood Water Damage Risks

Category 1
Clean Water

Water losses from Category 1 originate from a source not posing substantial harm to humans.

Sources of category one water may include:

  • initially, broken water supply lines
  • sink overflows with no contaminants
  • appliance malfunctions involving water supply lines

Category 2
Gray Water

This water contains a significant level of contamination. Also, it can cause discomfort or sickness if consumed by or exposed to humans.

Category 2 water carries and holds nutrients for microorganisms. Its sources may include discharge or overflow from any, but not limited to, dishwashers and washing machines.

If untreated, Category 2 water becomes Category 3 in 48 hours or less.

Category 3
Black Water

Blackwater contains pathogenic agents. Also, it is grossly unsanitary.

Category 3 water includes sewage and any other contaminated water source entering indoors. Causes may be toilet backflows that originate from beyond the toilet trap.

Thus, call the Experts from Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Drying Auckland Services. Indeed, for over 35 years servicing South Auckland, Central City CBD, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast on 0800 783-266.

Steam n Dry Flood Drying Auckland Services

The above odour removal information is supplied by Graeme Stephens, an IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician. Of course, to help you make an informed decision. Call 0800 110 282 or email Steam n Dry Water Damage Restoration Auckland Services.

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