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Flood Restoration Auckland

Pick a day and time that suit you best for a visit by a water damage restoration expert. Over 34 years of expert flood restoration, Steam ‘n’ Dry Flooded Carpet Drying Auckland Services have the experience to get your property dried and restored quickly. Once on-site, they will assess the situation then provide you with a comprehensive report that includes repair costs.

If you have insurance against water damage, you can use our quote to claim it. In fact, we can even contact your insurance provider and handle this matter for you. With Steam ‘n’ Dry Flooded Carpet Drying Auckland Services, you get:

Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration and Drying Services

The damage from a flood can be overwhelming, as can be the loss of valuable and sentimental belongings. Indeed, this can leave the victims feeling deflated and unsure of how to proceed. For those who live in an area that could be affected by a storm, there is a risk of water damage, especially if it is a flood zone. A flooded building can feel impossible to deal with water extraction and the dangers of contaminated water. Further, it will lead to mould growth and water damage. It can feel difficult just by thinking about where to begin.

Truth be told, flood restoration can be overwhelming. However, Steam ‘n’ Dry Flooded Carpet Drying Auckland Services take care of your stress. Our flood restoration services will bring your building back to a pre-flooding condition as possible. So you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of arranging one service after the next. Steam ‘n’ Dry Flooded Carpet Drying Auckland Services project manage from start to finish, minimising downtime, disruption, and costs. So here’s a guide to help homeowners through the process of cleaning up after a storm.

Flooded Carpet Customer Advice

Below are some flood restoration importance as well as tips that will help you in your successful restoration.

Health Risks

The first benefit of prompt flood restoration is that you don’t give toxic moulds long enough to form in the property. In truth, moulds will usually create and become a danger to humans within 48 hours. Often in concealed places. The answer to this is to remove the opportunity for mildew to develop before it becomes a problem.

Protecting The Structure

Properties that are left unattended for too long with excess water present can suffer from structural damage. Brick and woodwork that has been saturated with water will begin to deteriorate and rot. Consequently, this can lead to flaws in the integrity of the building. Through the use of extraction and drying equipment, a flood restoration service will remove any water quickly. Thus, giving your property the best chance of avoiding significant structural damage.


The third but essential factor to consider during the flood restoration process is protecting your furnishings from water damage. The longer your settees and chairs remain wet, the more chance there is that they will begin to rot. Consequently, smell and stains will become ingrained.

  • Remove breakables, moisture-sensitive and high-value items, books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, and any other issues that may stain floor coverings. Additionally, remember to check under beds and furniture.
  • Plan for restoration crews to move your furniture into unaffected areas.
  • Make sure to practice good personal hygiene after handling affected items.
  • To avoid the chance of electrical shock, do not use a home or shop vacuum to remove water.

If sewage-related, do not handle any contaminated items. Also, do not turn on fans, heating, or air conditioning units to prevent contamination.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Flooded Carpet Drying Auckland Services 

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Solving the Flood Crisis

The best way to undertake rapid flood restoration is to hire a professional team to provide a safe and thorough service. The services provided generally is almost always covered by the building’s insurance. Furthermore, having the job done correctly can help cut down on disruption and any expenses further down the line.

The critical thing to understand is that the restoration company has to be contacted. As soon as you realise you have a flooded home or water in business. Remember that when the water remains stagnant for a long time, it leads to further mould growth. It also increases the amount of rotting.

Look for contacts of reliable experts in water cleanup and flood restoration, such as drying, mitigation of flood damage and repair. As long as you have a competent restoration company working for you, you can be assured that water cleanup will be done on time, that the house will be clean and ready to be occupied within a short period. Thus, call us right away!


By Graeme Stephens

Published: 30/04/2019 Updated: 26/08/2021