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Fire Smoke Cleaning and Restoration

Steam ‘n’ Dry Fire Smoke Cleaning Auckland Services have provided expert restoration for over three decades. Indeed, the smoke cleaning and remediation methods we deploy are varied and depend heavily on both the structure and material of the smoke cleaning surface and the type of smoke residue left behind.

fire smoke cleaning

Fire Smoke Restoration Auckland Services

  • Firstly, Emergency 24-hour call-out
  • On-site within 2 hours anywhere in the UK in emergencies
  • Fire restoration and clean up after fire damage
  • Sealing of painted surfaces
  • Soot fixes applications
  • Controlled waste disposal
  • Buildings and content restoration
  • Removal of soot and smoke
  • Smoke odour removal
  • Highly responsive service
  • Lastly, cleaning all items affected by smoke – carpets, rugs, furniture, walls, floors and general contents.

Smoke Cleaning

Smoke is moved by energy from the fire and tends to affect all surfaces in particular vertical areas. Once cooled, the smoke becomes more substantial than air. As it cools, it tends to settle on horizontal areas requiring smoke cleaning. The smoke has damaged your property. Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Cleaners Auckland have equipment such as a truck mount and a large dehumidifier drying machine, ozone and fogging units and of course, expertise to remove all the sights and odours.

The Fire Smoke Cleanup Steps

Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Cleaners Auckland Services know how fire and water damage can cause damage, leaving your house unsafe and unlivable. Smoke cleaning is required:

  1. Emergency Call Out
  2. Inspection Fire and Smoke Damage Survey
  3. Board Up Service (If needed)
  4. Water Damage and Drying (If the water is present from sprinklers or firefighters)
  5.  Soot and smoke cleaners from all areas using our specialised truck mount system
  6. Disinfecting and Repairs as required
  7. Odour removal using ozone, UV lights and foggers

Smoke and Soot Restoration

Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Cleaners Auckland know where to find the hidden damages and eliminate the root causes. Also, follow our manual and remember the odour. We will help to promptly restore your home or workplace to a safe, healthy indoors.

Smoke from natural substances such as wood and paper leaves a dry, powdery residue, and synthetic fibres like plastic and artificial objects that leave a black residue are easily smudged and difficult for smoke cleaners to remove. Also, protein fires from red meat, flesh or poultry, for example, leave smoke with a dense, oily texture. We also provide other decontamination work such as mould removalhoarding and biohazard cleanup.

Why Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Auckland Cleaners?

Of course, Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Cleaner Auckland is your local smoke cleaning service. We have, furthermore, been providing the following services, since 1987.

Leaving this smoke residue can have a corrosive effect on fixtures, fittings and other structures within the affected site if left untreated for too long or is treated inexpertly, so leave it to the experts at Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Auckland Cleaners.

In truth, Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Cleaners Auckland providing smoke cleaning services for over 34 years serving Auckland, Hamilton, Northland, North Island, Waikato and Tauranga.

Our Steam ‘n’ Dry Smoke Auckland Methods include dry HEPA filter vacuum, air blasting, scrubbing dry soot. Truck mount extraction, pressure steam cleaning, ozone generation and thermal fogging for the most effective smoke cleaning and odour removal.

Indeed, call the Experts from Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Auckland Services. Over 34 years of serving South Auckland, Central City CBD, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast on 0800 783-266.

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Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Auckland Services

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For help, call Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland. Serving over three decades in West Auckland, East, South Auckland, North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. Also, I take great pride in my work, and customer satisfaction is our top priority giving us an excellent reputation as the number one Auckland carpet cleaning company. I take on all residential and commercial cleaning jobs, including high rise apartments, making sure everyone is 100% happy with our cleaning and restoration services.

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By Graeme Stephens

Published: 29/04/2019 Updated: 27/08/2021